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Our Services

Stone Entertainment offers a variety of services to meet your needs no matter the venue, theme or event!


Stone Entertainment provides mobile DJs for any event. Our DJs have more than a decade of experience with never ending music collections to satisfy any and all music needs! While turntables are our preference, but we are also skilled in CJDs and DJ controllers.

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Stone Entertainment provides high quality sound systems and lighting for small to medium indoor and outdoor events. When dealing with sound, we know quality over quantity is a must. Sound rentals are available if your looking for powered speakers for your next event. We also offer lighting services that include moving heads and par lights to brighten up any stage! 

Stone Entertainment offers customized laser projections shows. Great for atmospheric visual effects, graphical animations, logos, and advertisements that really make an incredible and unforgettable impression! We use only the very best laser systems - the quality cannot be beat! 

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Stone Entertainment provides projector mapping services which may be used for video displays on irregularly shaped objects, surfaces, buildings, and so much more. A technique used by artist and advertisers alike, projections can add an extra dimension, optical illusions and movements to a typically static object.

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